Genuine Housewives of Potomac's Robyn Dixon groups up with her Mom Gladys to reignite their Real Estate Investing company being lead and mentored by National Local DMV Real Estate Investing Seminars & Workshops Expert Marcel Umphery. Learn how Robyn and her Mom are Flipping Houses with No Cash or Credit as well as create even more recurring stream… Read More

The CBOE Volatility Index is a view sign that reacts to stock market activities. Sharp stock market decreases typically produce exaggerated spikes in the CBOE Volatility Index as panic grips the market. Like many view indications, the CBOE Volatility Index need to be used in conjunction with various other indications for market timing. Take into c… Read More

I mean, in 2007 the S&P traded at 1468 on standard, as well as generated just $83 in EPS (nearly 18x revenues). Today we are at lower 1400 degrees, with the S&P likely to create around $104-105 in EPS. While S&P EPS today looks like $104, indicating an 8% margin (down from nearly 11%) on 2013 income suggests something like $82 in EPS. A 5.8% Free … Read More

Shiller Pe For S & p 500The greatest optimal for the routine P/E was 123 in the very first quarter of 2009. By then the S&P 500 had crashed a lot more than 50% from its top in 2007. The P/E was high because incomes were depressed. With the P/E at 123 in the initial quarter of 2009, a lot greater compared to the historic mean of 15, it was the very … Read More